NM Ford F-150 dealerOur NM Ford dealer wants to share some good news with our customers about the F-150 and Focus Electric. These two models have recently been named greenest vehicles by American Council For An Energy-Efficient Economy. We can’t express our joy at hearing this because as a Ford dealership, we care about making the world a better place and that includes looking after the environment. It’s always great to hear that the brand is doing great things for the community and the world at large. It’s one of the reasons we sell the Ford brand to our customers.

The F-150, paired with its 2.7L EcoBoost engine, has been called the greenest standard pickup. This means a lot for the market and for the economy. If pickup trucks can be considered green, more people will be more willing to buy them knowing that they are not harming the environment as much as they think. Not only is it green, but the F-150 is also a quality vehicle all around.

In addition, the Focus Electric was called one of the 12 greenest vehicles overall. This is truly a treat for the brand because Ford is always looking for ways to reach new high standards. The Focus Electric is just one other way to show NM Ford fans that they have something to be proud of, yet again.

NM Ford Owners Can Make The World A Better Place Every Day

NM Ford dealershipThe Ford Motor Company has been serving the global automotive industry for years and has become a leader in all that it does. Across six continents, this brand distributes and manufactures quality automobiles that deliver a smile to all who drive them. Employing 187,00 employees and running 62 plants worldwide, this company keeps serving the communities around them. They will continue to serve the greater good for years and years to come.

Visit our NM Ford dealership for more info on what makes our vehicles such a great investment and a joy to drive. You can take a look at our models on our site online or even schedule a test-drive. We’d be happy to take you around the lot and get you started with owning a Ford. We’re looking forward to meeting you all.


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