So, you want to be a smooth pickup line artist? Our NM Ford dealer would have to call that an oxymoron because no pickup line ends well most of the time, but we’d thought we’d give it a go. Here are ten bad car related pickup lines, half of which you should probably never use unless you have a death wish:romance

  1. Girl, are you a Ford Escape? Because I think you escaped with my heart.-Sweet and simple, but slightly corny.
  1. Do you have a turbo engine? Because I plan to take you to far off places.- A little forward and presumptuous, but gold diggers may like it.
  1. Is your sticker price negotiable because you look like I can’t afford you.- Will make you look pompous and like a misogynist.
  1. Girl your manufacturer must be premium because you shine.- She may think you’re talking about her shiny face, but if you use the right hand gesture, you may make it passable.
  1. I hope you’re a standard feature with the car because I would hate to find out you’re not available.- This may sound a little entitled, but it could come off as charming…
  1. If you want to speed into my heart, I won’t tell the police.- A bit rebellious, but hey, it could find you a partner in crime.
  1. You must have your high beams on because your beauty blinds me.- This may actually work if she isn’t ironically blind.
  1. You look like your vehicle would need a lot of legroom and a big trunk.- No, just no. If this line works, run.
  1. You better have safety features because I’m taking you on off road adventures.- We’re not exactly sure who would fall for this line.
  1. I don’t care if you’re used, you still got a lot of miles on you.- Probably better for an older audience.

You Might Be Better Off Trying Online Dating Instead

We’re not quite sure where these pickup lines will get you, but if they fail, we hear online dating can be promising. While you’re online, you can even shop for a vehicle to ensure that you impress your date. We have a lot of great models, so take your time trying to pick just one.

Visit our dealership for a chat about cars or just for a good story on how these pickup lines turned out. We’re excited to hear those. If you want to schedule a test-drive online, you can do that too. We’d be happy to set you up on a date with one of our brilliant models. If you can’t get a date with a hot ride, who can you get a date with?