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Our Farmington used car dealer has come to the rescue of many a customer in our time. We would like to continue to do that by providing you with tips on how to test drive a used car. This process can be harder than it seems when it comes to all there is to take notice of in the vehicle, but we promise to make it as simple as possible for you. Read on to find out what you should be doing the next time you take a used car for a spin.

Know What You Want Before You Go- Don’t get frazzled by the amount of options there are out there. Make a decision about what you want before you go. You’ll thank yourself for it later. Sometimes focusing is just what you need.

Ask Questions- Ask the questions that you want to know. Whatever is important to you is what you need to ask. Don’t be shy to ask about previous history as well because you can always verify this online with CarFax.

Don’t Fall In Love At First Sight- Just because you see a car and become infatuated with the design doesn’t mean it’s a perfect vehicle for you. Take everything into account, including its practicality and how well it fits your lifestyle. Don’t let love blind you on this one.

Test It Out- Drive, drive, drive!!! You do not want to drive this vehicle around only to find out you didn’t take it through every test you should have. Make sure you thoroughly test it out in multiple situations and maneuvers. Is it easy to park? How are the blind spots? Do you feel comfortable behind the wheel?

Be Picky- Don’t ever settle for less. It would be a disservice to pay more for something less. Know your benchmarks and hold these cars to high standards.

Turn The Radio Off- Make sure you hear what is actually going on under the hood. If you need to test out the sound system, do it for an appropriate amount of time, but turn it off when you need to hear strange sounds coming from the vehicle. This is your moment to really investigate what problems may lay ahead in ownership. Of course, when you shop at a dealership like Ziems Ford Corners you can rest assured that our used vehicles have been thoroughly inspected before appearing on our lot.

Get One Last Look- Make sure you have taken every mental snapshot of this vehicle. You need to be sure that what you saw at first sight is still there and still appealing. Check for scratches, dents, worn out parts, etc. to make sure you have wiggle room for bargaining.

Sleep On It- If you still have doubts, don’t give in to the purchase. Take a night to sleep on it and make up your mind in the comfort of your home where you can really think things over.

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Farmington used cars

Hopefully after you use these tips you will end up with your perfect vehicle. We’re here to make your shopping experience easier. The used cars at our Farmington lot are quality vehicles and we respect the time you take to make your decision. We’ll never shove something in front of you unless you want to see it.

Visit our Farmington Ford dealership for more info on the latest models and our used inventory. We’ll be happy to help you out. Our job isn’t over until you leave happy. Come to us, and we’ll treat you with honor and never try to pull one over on you. Stop by today!



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