When you look back, tools have always been a crucial component of progress. Not every tool is a wood-handled implement hanging from your belt, though; some tools are much bigger, and get much more done. A rock-solid example that stands the test of time is the pickup truck.

A classic symbol of American work ethic, pickups have been getting down to business for practically as long as we’ve been pairing wheels to engines. When you want the best, though, you don’t pick just any truck. You pick the Ford F Series at our Farmington Ford dealership.

Farmington 2016 Ford F-250 dealership

The numbers paint the story in undeniable black and white: the F Series has been America’s best-selling truck for 38 straight years, with 33 years as America’s best-selling vehicle overall. The reason, of course, is that hard working drivers choose Ford time and time again.

Loyalty Shines Through in Pickup’s Popularity

When you ask a heavy-duty pickup driver what’s in their driveway, chances are they’ll tell you it’s a Ford. The 2016 Ford Super Duty brings Farmington drivers a firm dependability that they can’t help but trust.

The Super Duty dominates the market. In the waste management industry, 81.7% of workers choose the Super Duty. The number is nearly high among government workers, who check in at 78%. For highway and street construction workers, the figure still floats above half with 53.7% of drivers choosing one of Ford’s heavy-duty trucks.

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The tried-and-true F-150 makes waves, as well. The classic ½ ton chimes in with 72.7% of electrical workers; 61.2% of water, sewage, and pipeline workers; and 56.3% of crude petroleum and natural gas workers.

Whatever line of work you’re in, adding a Ford F-Series truck to your team is sure to help ensure the job gets done right the first time, every time. For more information on Ford’s legendary pickups, or to schedule a test drive, be sure to contact us online or to call the Ziems Ford Corners team at (888) 375-9581 today!

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