For off-roading junkies that are chomping at the bit to explore New Mexico’s broad selection of off-roading trails, we compiled a list of the best ones that will definitely fill your habit! Whether you are looking for a boulder crawl area, a mountainous, water filled climb or a dusty area to spin out in, New Mexico is the place that offers it all!

Goose Lake Trail in NM

Goose Lake Trail

Located in the Carson National Forest, Goose Lake Trail is just south of Red River NM. This trail runs from 8,800 feet to over 11,400 feet and travels through the northern part of the Savage de Cristo Mountain Range, past Black Mountain where it finishes at Goose Lake. This rocky trail is perfect for those who want a “rocky” ride at a steep gradient. With rocks of all sizes, you will definitely have a rock-filled climb. There are even a few water crossings for those daring enough to take the drive. These crossings can be deeper than hub level, depending on rainfall and time of year, so adrenaline junkies, take note. This trail runs about seven miles long with scenic views all along the way.    

Caja del Rio Trail

For those looking for more of a flat to rolling terrain, the Caja del Rio trail is for just that. As a dissected plateau of volcanic origin, this trail covers 84,000 acres in northern Santa Fe County. The area itself starts off flat, but as you travel inward, there are numerous steep hills, rising about 800 feet above the plains. The White Rock Canyon, located on the northwest edge of the plateau, has the Rio Grande flowing through it with a maximum depth of over 1,000 feet! Numerous trails such as Sagebrush Flats, Twin Hills Loop and Soda Springs Trails are located within here, where you can travel up and down and all around. You may even see a wild horse or two while you are kicking up the dust!

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To explore the best and most beautiful parts that New Mexico has to offer, taking your vehicle off-roading is the perfect way to do so. Boulder crawling, water crossing and steep, rocky climbs will fill the need of any off-roading addict. Before you hit the trails, if you are in need of a new 4WD truck visit Ziems Ford Corners in Farmington NM.

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