Ford College Student Purchase Program

College itself can be expensive — and we know those college loans can pile up once you graduate. That is why Ford has developed the Ford College Student Purchase Program, where college students and recent graduates are eligible for a $500 incentive, plus exceptional rates through Ford Credit when you purchase or lease a new Ford vehicle. Our Farmington Ford dealership thinks this is a great option for San Juan College students (or recent grads) to consider.

The steps are pretty simple too, all you need to do is build and price your vehicle, get access to your $500 bonus cash, and finance through Ford Credit if you so choose. To get started visit:

Farmington students can easily see if they are approved through Ford Financing in just three easy steps! Even if you are not approved, the dealership can help you find the Ford Credit Financing that works best for you – so no need to fret!   

San Juan College Students in Farmington Can Benefit From the Ford College Student Purchase Program

San Juan College in NM


To take full advantage of this program, there are a few details that you must provide in order to receive all the perks. All you need to bring is a proof of student eligibility (i.e. current class schedule or copy of diploma) and a Bill of Sale/Customer Agreement (only if you are a co-buyer). The rest of the programs details are as follows:

  • Students must be enrolled in a minimum of two classes/six credit hours at a full or part-time time period at an accredited four-year College/University, Junior College, Community College or Trade School


  • Students has graduated or will graduate between May 1 2014-January 2, 2018


  • Student is currently enrolled in an accredited Graduate School Program (where student must be enrolled in a minimum of 1 class/3 credit hours during the semester prior to date of sale  

As for Eligibility:

  • Proof of enrollment status such as, current class schedule, copy of term grade report, letter from college/university/trade school registrar’s office stating student is enrolled and in good standing


  • Proof of prior or future enrollment


  • Copy of Diploma


  • Letter from college/university/trade school registrar’s office stating conferred graduation date (student must have completed all requirements for graduation)


  • Copy of final transcript confirming graduation date and type of degree earned

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